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Lessons learned from tragic blaze lead many to take fire safety seriously

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To further extend our love for fire protection we have provided this article below to highlight lessons learned from a tragic blaze. Fyr Fyter will gladly put our 57 years of experience and the latest technologies to work keeping your place of business code compliant and fire safe. We design, install, inspect and professionally maintain all aspects of your New Jersey fire alarm systems for industrial & commercial buildings in Mercer County and the surrounding areas.

Fyr Fyter Of Mercer County Encourages Its Customers To Learn From Other People's Fire Protection Mistakes

Fire safety is undoubtedly an important aspect of everyday life, but it is an issue that has taken a backseat in the lives of many. Many interviewed by MetroPerak admitted that they did not give a higher priority to fire safety as they should. But, after hearing the heartbreaking news of 21 students and two wardens of a tahfiz (religious school) who perished in a deadly fire, most agreed that it was time for them to act on it before it is too late.

Social media consultancy founder Junee Yusoff said after finding out about the incident, she discussed with her husband regarding steps they should take in the event of emergencies. "We will propose to our joint management committee on running a drill as soon as possible.

“I think it is also high time that we invested in a fire extinguisher and fire blankets,” she told MetroPerak.

On Sept 14, a deadly fire swept through the top floor of Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah tahfiz at Jalan Datuk Keramat in Kuala Lumpur at 5am, claiming the lives of 23 people.

The Fire and Rescue Department said the absence of hinged grilles was one of the causes that caused the victims to be trapped in the room.

It was also reported that the religious school did not follow local government regulations in applying for a fire safety permit, as it had begun operations despite not having the proper permits.

Junee, who has a one-year-old daughter whom she sends to a nursery, said she went to the nursery to check on emergency exits the day after the fatal incident.

“I saw other parents there asking for the same thing as well.

“As a mother, I really felt for the families of the victims. I really hope this incident would be a wake up call for many people to start paying more attention to fire safety and management.

“Hopefully, it would also prevent future incidents like this,” she said.

Homemaker Azreen Ahmad, 45, whose youngest daughter is studying at a tahfiz in Selangor, said she would be meeting her 16-year-old at her hostel soon.

“I’ll also be attending a meeting with other parents and teachers, and we plan to ask some questions about safety precautions at the school.

“We have a good relationship with the teachers and the school staff so we’d call in to check on the school’s situation every now and then,” she said.

On concerns about fire safety at unregistered tahfizs, Azreen said it was something she had considered before sending her daughter to one.

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fire alarm integration mercer county nj