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A properly working fire sprinkler system is the single most effective means of keeping your people safe and stopping fires before they cause extensive damage to your building. Fyr-Fighter will keep your fire sprinkler system running smoothly, from design and installation to annual testing and service fire sprinklers mercer county

According to NFPA statistics, damages to manufacturing facilities, stores, offices, health care facilities, and other commercial buildings with a working fire sprinkler system installed were up to 60 percent lower than damages to buildings with no fire sprinkler system. However, even the best fire sprinkler systems need to be routinely inspected and tested to ensure that they will be ready when needed (and is required by code). To make sure your fire sprinkler system will always protect your building and employees during a fire emergency, call Fyr-Fighter today to schedule your fire sprinkler system inspection.

Fire Sprinkler Installations:

We are fire sprinkler installation experts with over 60 years of experience providing complete fire protection services for businesses, organizations, government buildings, and restaurants throughout the area.

Fire Sprinkler System Testing and Inspections:

Fire sprinkler systems need to be available on demand at all times. They need to be tested annually to ensure they will work properly during a fire emergency. Written records of all fire sprinkler system tests must be maintained in accordance with NFPA 25. During a fire sprinkler test, physical checks are performed on all the parts of your fire sprinkler system. These checks include water flow tests, fire pump tests, alarm tests, and trip tests of dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action valves.

All of our fire sprinkler system testing and inspections are performed by our team of highly trained Fyr-Fighter testing professionals—never by subcontractors. This gives us complete control over the quality of our fire sprinkler system tests and ensures you get the best customer service possible.

Fire Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance Service:

In the event that our fire sprinkler inspection turns up any problems, our specially trained Fyr-Fighter technicians perform all vital fire sprinkler system services and repairs to maintain your system’s optimal performance.

When properly maintained and inspected, your fire sprinkler system provides your building with highly effective fire protection for decades. And when you’re confident in your fire prevention systems readiness, you will enjoy peace of mind for decades.

Sprinkler Types:

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Important notice about smoke detectors

Sensitivity Testing

Regular sensitivity testing of your smoke detectors is a requirement of the Fire Alarm Code. Having detectors that are too sensitive will cause false alarms, while detectors that are not sensitive enough will cause late alarms or no alarms at all. Call and ask about our sensitivity testing today. Countless lives, and your insurance liability, may depend on it. Read more...


Business owners have enough to worry about in today's corporate environment without having to obsess over fire codes. Despite billions of dollars in annual losses due to fires, many would be surprised to find how often fire protection requirements are overlooked. We will gladly put our 60+ years of experience and the latest technologies to work protecting your place of business and keeping it code compliant.

Call and ask about our sensitivity testing today. Countless lives, and your insurance liability, may depend on it.


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